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Discovery & Feasibility Engagement for Advanced Clinical Care in the Home

A Sena Health Offering to Hospitals, Physician Groups, and Healthcare Companies

Care in the Home - The New Preference

A preference wave is spreading across the country: patients prefer at-home options for care when it’s safe and effective. In response, hospitals, physician groups, nursing home administrators, and health insurers across the country are asking the same question: Would those I serve benefit from Advanced Clinical Care in the Home? Employers are asking how such a service can be responsive to their employees and their family members to whom they provide health insurance.

Care traditionally provided in facilities – hospitals and nursing homes – can now be safely provided in the home.

At Sena Health we provide assistance to clinical and administrative leaders who want to explore the feasibility of establishing their own program based on the unique needs of the populations they serve. Our goal at Sena Health is to make care-at-home services ubiquitous for all people and their families.

2 years of healing-at-home

Over the last two years, Sena Health has served people with acute illnesses to heal at home.  We have been called upon to advise hospitals, physician groups, and national health care companies as they determine the feasibility of having their own healing at home service model. 

Our Process



Ability to identify patients that meet qualifying conditions (defined medical attributes, home support capability).

Establish Network

A reliable, local network of services and supplies that can be delivered at the home as and when needed.


A care coordination function that ensures patients get what they want and need when they want and need it.

Physician Services

Well-oriented, responsible, accountable physicians (or other appropriate providers) who prescribe medicine, devices and other necessary medical services.


A management structure that oversees the program, monitors finances and operations, and mobilizes resources as needed.

Financial Viability

Programs only succeed if they are financially sustainable. We work with you to identify the revenue sources (and/or cost elimination) that can be accessed to support the program