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Transforming Homes And Communities Into Healthcare Hubs In The Post-Covid Future

Hospital design experts Ryan Hullinger and Sarah Markovitz discuss the inevitable shifts in healthcare delivery as technology leads to new care settings and rethinking hospitals.

This article illustrates the fact that healthcare is transitioning from periodic episodes of care toward a more continuous model, thanks to technological advancements enabling virtual visits, remote monitoring, and artificial intelligence (AI) assisted coordination.  Together, (continue reading)

Lawmakers Eye Medicare Coverage for Telehealth in Home Health Care

Bills introduced in both the Senate and House last week call for Medicare coverage for home health care services provided via telehealth during a public health emergency.

The recent introduction of the Home Health Emergency Access to Telehealth (HEAT) Act represents the latest legislative attempt to expand CMS coverage of home health care programs.  While additional changes are needed to extend coverage beyond public health emergencies (continue reading)

Preference for home health care here to stay, says operator of Patient Care and Almost Family

The article below underlines the fact that both patients and physicians alike have a preference for home health care.  Furthermore, this trend, which manifested prior to COVID-19, has been greatly accelerated by the effects of the pandemic.  Join the growing number of individuals throughout the Delaware Valley taking advantage of the many benefits of at-home health care.  Contact Sena Health today to find out more about receiving patient-centric, hospital-level care in the comfort of your home.

By Kevin Zimmerman

The trend towards home and virtual health care visits over going to a doctor’s office or hospital – already on the rise before Covid-19 — is accelerating and likely is here to stay. (continue reading)

The hazy post-pandemic future of telehealth

The sector has seen record fundraising despite concerns about a potential digital health bubble and regulatory uncertainties. But the final makeup of the industry is still being hammered out.

This article explores the future challenges and opportunities in the expanding telehealth sector.  As noted in the article, consumer acceptance of and demand for digital healthcare is on the rise as more individuals are realizing its advantages.  Experts believe this trend is expected to continue after the pandemic as evidenced by increasing investments in digital health.  Contact Sena Health today to find out more about receiving patient-centric, hospital-level care in the comfort of your home.

By Rebecca Pifer

Despite skyrocketing virtual care adoption, the telehealth sector still faces challenges, like mounting deal sizes and IPOs giving rise to concerns about a digital health bubble, and a decidedly hazy regulatory future (continue reading)

Pandemic adds fuel to remote telemonitoring demand: MedTech panel

Rapid advancements in technology since the advent of wireless medical biosensors has enabled many to avoid in-patient care and heal at home.  As the pandemic continues to prevail, more individuals throughout New Jersey and Greater Philadelphia are turning toward the safer, more desirable option to in-patient care: hospital-at-home.  Contact Sena Health today to find out more about patient-centric, hospital-level care in the comfort of your home.

By John W. Mitchell

One silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic might be the nine million times patients utilized telehealth services from mid-March through the middle of June. Compared to the 108,000 times Medicare beneficiaries received “distant site services” (continue reading)

Despite a Rebound in Outpatient Visits, Telehealth Services Remain an Ideal Alternative for Many

The article below highlights the growing evidence that telehealth services are highly beneficial to those receiving care at home.  As CMS expands its coverage of telehealth services, more patients are experiencing the convenience, cost savings, and high rates of satisfaction associated with such healthcare services.  Contact Sena Health today to find out more about patient-centric, hospital-level care in the comfort of your home.

By Judy George

Outpatient Visits Rebound

Outpatient visits per week have rebounded to pre-pandemic levels, but not for all providers and patients, a new Commonwealth Fund report showed. (continue reading)

DispatchHealth’s Advanced Care: A Hospital-At-Home Model Saving an Average of $6,200 Per Patient

The delivery of hospital-level care in the home results in lower readmission rates and higher patient satisfaction when compared to in-patient care.  Additionally, cost-savings can be substantial.  The article below discusses how DispatchHealth extended its at-home urgent care services to include a Hospital-at-Home model, which yielded positive clinical outcomes as well a significant reduction in costs.  Contact Sena Health today to find out more about patient-centric, hospital-level care in the comfort of your home.

By Andrew Donlan

Last November, in-home care provider DispatchHealth partnered with a payer and launched Advanced Care, its own hospital-at-home model. (continue reading)

The Growing Telemedicine Movement is Here to Stay

As at-home healthcare continues to produce beneficial outcomes such as lower costs and an enhanced customer experience, home-based care services are on the rise throughout the U.S.  This article suggests that telemedicine will continue to improve the delivery of healthcare to the home long after the pandemic is over.  Sena Health serves individuals throughout New Jersey and the Philadelphia area, streamlining the delivery of home-based care through its innovative tech platform and care coordination service.


By Ashu Goel

The Covid-19 pandemic is a once-in-a-century event that shook the medical industry at its very core and changed how patient care was administered. As healthcare professionals continue their quest to eradicate the virus, Covid-19’s impact (continue reading)

Post-COVID-19 Patient Experience: 3 Ways Healthcare Has Changed

Many individuals residing throughout New Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia area are taking advantage of hospital-at-home care, which has been associated with higher rates patient satisfaction.  The article below focuses on three main ways in which healthcare has transformed to become more patient-centric during the pandemic.  Sena Health streamlines at-home care services through its innovative tech platform and care coordination center, creating the most efficient patient-centric experience.

Photo: Getty Images

By Blake Morgan

Perhaps more than any other industry, healthcare has been rocked by COVID-19. From facing influxes of patients and not having proper equipment to pausing elective procedures for months, the pandemic has caused healthcare to change (continue reading)